Looking for a really special education offering to enrich your child’s learning?

Fraga Farmstead is now offering a six-week class series from mid September to early November for elementary aged students.

Series will included two class field trips to our goat farm in Gales Creek for a hike with goats and nature exploration as well as four Zoom classes of about 60 minutes in small groups for a unique educational experience this Fall.

Class Breakdown:

Class 1: Why Do Goats Have Cowlicks? - Seeing Patterns in Nature

In-Person Instruction
Class will include introduction to the goats, goat walk, and discussion on how to identify different kinds of goats.
Nature walk with our favorite pack goat Carl will include plant identification and learning to look closely at other patterns in nature. 
Berry picking baskets & magnifying glasses will be provided.

Class 2: The Goat: Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes

Zoom Instruction
Focus will be on learning the function of horns.
Start a multi-day project of making a paper mâché goat helmet to help students visualize goat physiology…and also just for fun!

Class 3: A Goat’s Place On The Foot Chain: Anatomical Differences Between Predator and Prey

Zoom Instruction
Hands on Investigation, exploring how the visual field differs between animals.
Seeing through the eyes of a goat vs. the eyes of a cougar!

Class 4: Goat Toes: Under Foot & The Terrain They Inhabit

Zoom Instruction
A craft activity and investigation on the goat’s footprint in comparison to humans.
Make your own goat hoof stamp and wrapping paper.

Class 5: The Amazing Gut of a Goat

Zoom Instruction
Learn all about the goat’s powerful digestive tract and how we as humans benefit from the many talents of goats.
This class includes a food related craft, and recipe to share.

Class 6: On The Farm Fun!

On-Site Field Trip
Spending quality time with the goats and a review of all that we have learned.
We will pick some apples and make ranger apples over the fire.
Farm fresh and delicious snacks will be provided. Try our goat cheese varieties and caramels!
There will be extra time for a nice long recess of outdoor adventure and play.

**For On-The-Farm class sessions, parent chaperone participation is encouraged as space permits.**