Tour of Fraga Farm & Picnic with Carl the Goat!

Tour of Fraga Farm & Picnic with Carl the Goat!

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***This is a fair weather event - goats really don't like rain! Currently scheduling for early Spring 2021.***

Join us for a tour of Fraga Farm and picnic by our pond. Carl, one of our favorite goat companions, will carry our picnic lunch.

During the tour we will introduce you to the flora and fauna of Fraga Farm including our herd of dairy goats. We will stop at our pond for a picnic lunch, complete with farm-made cheese, preserves, desserts and artisan bread. Carl will also get snacks for helping us carry our supplies!

The tour and picnic are 90 minutes. The package price is $120 for a party of 6. Tours are scheduled by appointment. Contact us by email to schedule and please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions/allergies (INFO@FRAGAFARM.COM).

The pack goat drawing was done by Kat Bourek. Follower her on Instagram - @katbourek!